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Thanks for visiting my website! No Thru Road is my first novel, and I am delighted to have it out there in the world. The story sprang from many visits to Galiano Island, B.C., and many of the places in the novel do exist on the island. Galiano is beautiful and mysterious.

Prior to this life as an author, I was a community college journalism instructor for many years and the adviser for the weekly college newspaper. It was a great job! I also wrote feature stories for The Oregonian. This is my first book, and I am enjoying the feedback I've gotten from readers. I have begun the next book, which will feature Riley, Marie and Kit as they encounter mystery and intrigue in Ridgefield, Washington.

I live near Portland, Oregon, where I have a community of dear friends. I am one of the coordinators of the Northwest Women's Music Celebration, an annual music weekend held in April. Check it out: CLICK HERE.

I also produce concerts for a four-woman band, Motherlode. You can find out more about them by CLICKING HERE.

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